Fall 2019

Semi-Finalist in the Print Center’s 94th International Annual Competition

Curated by Charlotte Cotton and Gretchen Wagner.
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Summer 2019

Foundwork Guest Curators:
Selected by Rachel Adams

Rachel Adams:
”Kate MacNeil intertwines a variety of media in order to examine themes including trauma, memory and loss. Through her performative mark-making, Kate imprints onto surfaces, using her body in ways to speak through the messiness of life. While recently working through confronting the silencing of traumatic events and mental health issues, Kate’s work is a powerful reminder that abstraction is an artistic tool that can speak volumes."

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Summer 2018

Charleston City Paper: Kate MacNeil’s Redux show confronts the aftermath of trauma

“What does it mean to remain? Who are we after the storm, after the love affair, after the political upset?
After the defining moment, what defines us?”

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Spring 2018

Carlos Llobet and Kate MacNeil at WNYBAC

“Maybe there’s a scientific name for it—though probably not—the phenomenon—as notably in the initial intensity stages of being in love—of not being able to clearly recollect—despite all efforts and exertions—the face of the absent beloved. “Clearly” being the operative word. Not by any means a total failure to recall what she or he looks like. Not that you might not recognize him or her on subsequent actual encounter. Nothing like that. But instead of an integral and precise mental image of the loved one, a patchwork of partial images, incomplete, and unsatisfactory. But not just a loved one in a romantic sense, but anyone deeply beloved. Or anything similarly cared for, or cared about. A place, a time, a moment. Artists Carlos Llobet and Kate MacNeil explore the phenomenon in an exhibit currently at the Western New York Book Arts Center. Entitled I’m trying to remember, pero nunca olvidaré.” - Jack Foran

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Winter/Spring 2018

Third Place Prize - Print Austin: The contemporary Print

“Kate MacNeil’s wall-size sectioned Intaglio, Untitled (The Void), transcends the gallery space, becoming a vortex of ink, displaying and enveloping you in the artifacts of time.”
- Elvia Perrin, Director, Print Austin

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Winter 2015/2016

international print center new york

commedia: new prints 2015/autumn

Juried by Tomas Vu Daniel. On view November 19, 2015- January 16, 2016.

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spring 2015

Honorable Mention - ArtFields

Selected as one of ten honorable mentions from 400 exhibiting artists.

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