Kate MacNeil's Redux show confronts the aftermath of trauma

What does it mean to remain? Who are we after the storm, after the love affair, after the political upset? After the defining moment, what defines us?

Carlos Llobet and Kate MacNeil at WNYBAC

Artists Carlos Llobet and Kate MacNeil explore the phenomenon in an exhibit currently at the Western New York Book Arts Center. Entitled I’m trying to remember, pero nunca olvidaré.

The contemporary print: catalog 

The Contemporary Print is reflective of our time. Through Tinder, the internet, object and paper memorabilia, and more, these printmakers are searching for hope in the future while rifling through the past. This group persists in creating art and making sense of their individual journeys as artists, meanwhile leaving their own paper trail in the world.

Second Nature 

Four female artists draw inspiration from the natural world for Redux exhibit, on show from July 7 - August 2, 2014. 


Printmaking Studio, Simons Center for the Arts

Lori Leist '13 recounts her experience working in the Printmaking Studio at the College of Charleston from 2012-2013.


Make Your Own Wave: Japanese Woodblock Printmaking with Kate MacNeil

Sara Arnold, Gibbes Curator of Collections, will lead a private tour of the exhibition, and later guests will travel to Redux for a printmaking demonstration by local artist Kate MacNeil. Kate was gracious enough to take some time to speak with me about her work and creative process.


The Art of Paper

The Gibbes Museum of Art and Redux Studios teamed up to create a video examining the tradition of printmaking in Charleston. Gibbes Executive Director Angela Mack, and Gibbes Curators Sara Arnold and Pam Wall share works from the museum's collection and discuss the history of printmaking in the Lowcountry. Redux artists Alex Waggoner and Kate MacNeil discuss the current relevance of printmaking in today's artistic community.


All That's Fit to Print with Kate MacNeil

Featured as "One to Watch" for the Charleston City Paper's Fall Arts issue, August 2013.


Meet Redux Artist: Kate MacNeil 

Kate joined Redux in the Fall of 2011, and has quickly become an asset to the Redux community with her amazing talents, humor and dedication to her practice. She recently took the time to let us interview her (cause she’s cool like that) and here’s what she had to say. July 12, 201